Special-Attention Pregnancies

Some pregnancies require a woman and her healthcare provider to pay special attention to everyday discomforts and do extra tests to ensure that the mother and baby are healthy.

Special situations include:

  • Medical condition in mother or baby
  • High risk of preterm labor
  • Woman carrying more than one baby
  • High blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
You may have additional ultrasounds if your pregnancy is considered high risk

Take Note

Make the Most of Your Time on Bed Restlearn how

Take Note

Make the Most of Your Time on Bed Rest

Bed rest, which is when a woman is advised to stay in bed all or some of the time, is sometimes prescribed when problems occur. Bed rest can be challenging, and it's unclear if really helps.If it's advised, ask your healthcare provider how it will benefit your pregnancy.

Tips for Bed Rest:

  • Have someone pack a cooler with lunch, snacks, and beverages for you to keep nearby.
  • Have things to do within reach. Keep the phone, laptop, stereo, TV, reading material, and pen and paper handy.
  • Ask your healthcare provider if you may exercise in place.
  • Research bed rest support groups on the Internet.
  • If you nap, try to stick to a schedule. Napping too much may make it hard to sleep at night.


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